Retro Bomb

Steer your missile's at the shield generators! Or, as the hot-seat player, repair the generators before the missiles drop your shields and destroy your pyramid base! New players can connect at any time using the AirConsole login code for your game, so watch out!

This fabulously throwback 80's themed multiplayer bullet storm is brought to you by Pancakes with Abs (Midnight Edition), from the Global Game Jam 2020 in Pittsburgh!

Starting your own server


Starting the local server

  1. Clone this repo or download the zip and unzip it
  2. cd <repo or zip dir>
  3. npm run start

Serving over the internet with AirConsole

  1. Sign up for an ngrok account
  2. Download the software and install
  3. Visit your getting started page
  4. Copy the command string in "Connect your account"
  5. Run that command in a terminal
  6. Start your local game server with npm run start
  7. Forward your game server to ngrok with npm run forward
  8. Copy the public http: (not https:) URL from the console output. It will look something like this:
  9. Go to, replacing URL with the ngrok url.
  10. AirConsole will give you a connection code.
  11. Tell your friends to visit and provide your code to connect!
  12. Have fun!